It doesn't seem to be easy to get to the moon, even with the Prince of Persia attached for the ride. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the Jake Gyllenhaal's untitled lunar action movie, that he signed on for last year, is getting another rewrite.

First, Doug Liman (Jumper), who will direct the film, teamed up with John Hamburg (his cousin, and Along Came Polly writer/director) to whip up the story and write the script. Then, the author of Black Hawk Down, Mark Bowden, revamped it. Now, Dan Mazeau has signed on to "bring it in for a landing with a different take 'based on an original story by Liman, Bowden, and Simon Kinberg.'" Apparently something isn't working quite right, although I imagine there has to be something tasty in there somewhere since Gyllenhaal signed on.

What this story covers remains to be seen. All THR says about the plot is that it's an "action film about lunar colonization." IMDb adds a little more, describing it as "An action film centered around one crew's expedition to the moon during a time of frenzied interest in lunar colonization." So, stay tuned for some sort of action-packed, Jake-led, lunar colonization on the big screen, should this rewrite work out.
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