The woman makes Boxing Helena, which tanks, and then pretty much disappears from the world of cinema. Then last year, Jennifer Lynch signs on to helm Surveillance, an indie supernatural thriller. I guess she's gotten back into the groove because she isn't waiting another 15 years for her next feature, and this time around, she's going overseas.

reports that Split Image Pictures, an India-based company, has tapped her to direct a horror thriller called Nagin, which will star Mallika Sherawat (Guru) and Irfan Khan (The Darjeeling Limited). The premise sounds cool -- the film is based on "the Far Eastern myth of the snake woman who is able to take on human form." But the real question is not so much the plot, but whether Lynch can handle it and make a successful film.

has gotten some decent ratings on IMDb, but not so nice reviews from Cannes, which suggests that the issues with Boxing Helena weren't just because of the film, but the filmmaker. But... we'll see. The movie did get picked up for distribution.
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