Before The Wedding Singer, Mixed Nuts, or even Saturday Night Live, Adam Sandler starred in Going Overboard. He played Schecky Moskowitz, a wannabe comedian who gets a menial job on a cruise ship that finds itself terrorized by all sorts of baddies -- thugs, Panamanian mercenaries -- you know, the usual.

The so-called comedy has the honor of being #31 in IMDb's Bottom 100 list. It might not have beat greats like The Hottie & the Nottie, but it did trump flicks like Glitter and Troll 2. It's pretty embarrassingly bad, and not even a brief trailer like the one above could make it look good.

Many people, me included, are antsy for the good ol' days of Sandler, but at the very least -- anything he releases now is almost guaranteed to be better than Going Overboard.