Warning: The above TV spot kinda spoils the Tony Stark cameo in The Incredible Hulk. Watch at your own risk.

A very smart new TV spot for The Incredible Hulk opens on a snippet of the scene featuring Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and General Ross (William Hurt), spoiling what, for many of your average moviegoers, would have been a giant surprise. Of course, those of us living out our days in internet movie geek land have known about the Stark cameo for awhile now -- and if you visited New York Comic Con earlier this year, you would've seen a good majority of the Stark scene during the Hulk panel.

But the question is: Should they have ruined the surprise for everyone right off the bat with this new commercial? I guess it depends on which side you're on. From a marketing standpoint, it's kinda brilliant and a great way to show moviegoers that both The Incredible Hulk and the wildly-successful Iron Man are connected in some way. And while many predict Hulk will not pull in Iron Man numbers, throwing that film's star in a trailer will certainly help Hulk give its Marvel counterpart a run for its money. Then again, some folks like to be surprised -- but what's to say the Stark cameo is the only surprise in the film? Oooohhh ... goosebumps! I'm seeing The Incredible Hulk in just a few hours from now and I'm stoked. Fingers crossed for Norton, Roth and the gang!

The Incredible Hulk smashes into theaters this Friday.

[via The Movie Box]