Wait, there's a Wham! movie in the works? Apparently so, according to The Guardian, which has an article highlighting the problem with the band biopic before it even gets off the ground. The film, about the '80s pop duo featuring George Michael, is being planned by former Wham! co-manager Simon Napier-Bell, who also worked with The Yardbirds, Japan and T.Rex/Marc Bolan (man, I'd really rather see a Bolan biopic). One thing Napier-Bell is known for during the Wham! years is negotiating the duo's 1985 concert in Beijing, marking the first live performance by a Western group in communist China. As for film work, Napier-Bell worked on the scores for What's New Pussycat (for which he re-edited Burt Bacharach's original score) and Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.

The Guardian's quote from Napier-Bell regarding the Wham! movie seems to come directly off the guy's website, on which he answers a fan's query about whether or not a Wham! movie will ever happen. Napier-Bell notes that people are interested in such a project but that it would all depend on George Michael, who could either disallow rights to the group's music or demand too much control. He states that Michael would likely get to say yes or no to any scripts that come about. I'm sure a greenlight on any film would also depend on whether or not there's any actual demand for a Wham! movie. Are there any fans out there excited about such a thing?
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