When Anand Tucker went for And When Did You Last See You Father, rather than helm His Dark Materials, it looked like the filmmaker was sticking with familiar territory -- interpersonal relationships, drama, artistry. But now it looks like he is finally ready to shake things up a little bit after his work with Father, plus Hilary and Jackie and Shopgirl. Variety reports that he has been tapped to direct an upcoming, fact-based spy thriller called A Forest of Mirrors.

Written by Jeremy Gough, and inspired by a true story, the project takes on the world of spies in the '60s. A "CIA agent travels to Guatemala to investigate his brother's death and uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to turn the tide of the Cold War." While the film goes back a good 40 years, producer Andrew Lauren says that it parallels today's political climate.

Yet even with spies and intrigue, it looks like Mirrors is still reminiscent of Tucker's cinematic sensibilities. He says: "Jeremy's script is a rare beast, both a perfect thriller and deeply emotional experience." Unfortunately, there is no word on potential production start dates or release dates, so stay tuned.
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