One could say that Atom Egoyan already dipped into seven wonders, considering the risque nature of Where the Truth Lies, and all the flak he received for it. But now he's taking the idea of passion to a much larger canvas. The Hollywood Reporterhas posted that the Canadian filmmaker has set up his next project -- "a love triangle that blends reality and fantasy," called Seven Wonders.

This could be one heck of a film. At its simplest, the flick will center on a woman named Pandora who rebounds from a failed relationship by getting involved with a director of commercials and her boyfriend. However, extra layers make the idea unique. It's not simply a romantic triangle -- it will explore the relationships on a much bigger scale as Pandora follows the director while she films commercials at the Seven Wonders of the World. Also, the two women meet online, "leading to ambiguity over whether some of the interactions might be taking place only in Pandora's imagination."

In the meantime, we have Adoration to look forward to, another Egoyan film that explores the world of technology, which Kim highly praised from Cannes.
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