Who else is preparing a Friday the 13thmarathon this Friday? If you are, you'll be reminded that baddie Jason Vorhees does not wear the iconic hockey mask until Part III. He barely even shows up in the first installment (it's his mom, Pamela Vorhees doing the killings, remember?), and then in the first sequel he's wearing a burlap sack over his head. Finally, in the third film Jason acquires the hockey mask when he kills its original owner. So, here's the question that's been burning inside all horror fans since the announcement of a Friday the 13th reboot: what will Jason be wearing to cover his face? And here's the answer: both sack and mask.

The surprising yet satisfying answer was found out by IESB.net during a visit to the Austin, Texas set of the movie. Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form admitted to condensing the events of the first three films so that we can see the moment when Jason puts on the mask for the first time. But apparently there will be an actual switch from sack to mask, which will make the sequence different from the events of Part II and Part III. Another reporter on set referred to this new switch sequence as Jason's "Darth Vader Moment." Also, IESB learned that the switch will be shot twice, once from behind and once from the front, revealing Jason's ugly mug. However, it supposedly has not yet been decided which one (if not both) shots will end up in the final cut.

The remake/reboot of Friday the 13th arrives in theaters on the next Friday the 13th to occur after this week: February 13, 2009.
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