As rumors go, at least the latest one surrounding director Paul Thomas Anderson makes a lot more sense than some of the other talk surrounding the gifted director. The Anderson fan site, Cigarettes and Red Vines, has reported on a rumor that's been gaining speed over the last few days: namely, that Anderson will direct the Las Vegas drama Power Play for Paramount. Play has been making the rounds at the studio for 10 years now and was picked up for Robert Evans to produce. Originally, Jack Nicholson was slated to star, and even then, Anderson's name was being bandied about to direct.

Variety Editor-in-Chief Peter Bart wrote the story about "a forward-looking Native American who, having made a fortune on his reservation, decides to take on the gambling elite in Las Vegas. The Vegas players do not take this invasion lightly, especially since their new competitor has also plunged into the exotic world of Internet gambling." Anderson is known to take his sweet time in between projects (much to my dismay), so until we get confirmation, a gal can still dream that we'll see another film by Anderson before too long.

Remember, this is all just idle speculation at this point, so stay tuned to Cinematical for the official word.

[via Big Screen Little Screen]
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