Just last month, we showed you a behind-the-scenes preview of Dwayne Johnson and Get Smart. Now that the film is ten days away from its release, there's more content being thrown out there to try and whet your moviegoing appetites. (And thankfully, it's not another trailer.) Those of you out there who love all things Mac related and frequent the Internet walls of iTunes can check out a free, downloadable, seven-minute sneak preview of the film, which starts with an introduction by Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway.

Oh, but there's more! This is also part of a larger partnership between Warner Brothers Pictures and iTunes, where they will offer an exclusive clip of the direct-to-DVD parallel film -- Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control. I still wonder if this release was cooked up just to coincide with the film, or to bank on the massive fanbase for Heroes' Masi Oka? But anyway, once that's all said and done and Get Smart is in theaters, the full, parallel film will be available on iTunes July 1.