Less than one month after introducing a set-top box that allows "instant" viewing over a broadband connection, Netflix says that the current supply of devices has sold out. CEO Reed Hastings did not disclose any sales figures, but he told Bloomberg News that the company is pressing their supplier, Roku Inc., to step up production. The backlog of orders will reportedly take six to eight weeks to fulfill.

As I've mentioned before, I think this is a good option for indie film lovers, who'll find a decent selection of docs and foreign-language films available. Netflix "is working with three other consumer electronics manufacturers to build Netflix software into products and game consoles," Hastings said. Rumor has it that Microsoft is one of their potential partners; Hastings is a Microsoft director, according to Bloomberg News.

I'm exploring other possibilities, too; a friend just gave me an original Xbox modified with the Windows Media Center software, and I'm finally setting up a proper wireless home network so I can better manage a growing collection of boxes and media. I'm not technically-minded, so all this is very daunting to me. I'd love an easy solution that allows me to watch more movies rather than wade into DNS setttings.

Did you nab one of the new Netflix boxes? if so, how did it work? Are you planning to invest any coin into a set-top device? Or are you content to watch downloaded and streaming movies on your PC?
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