By now we now the rundown of Jumper -- there are some cool-looking scenes, a funky premise, and some haphazard filmmaking that doesn't allow the film to live up to its potential. After a sluggish start in North America, the film brought in a sweet box office take overseas, and now we're getting a collection of DVDs.

Hayden Christensen stars as a young man with one sweet "genetic anomaly" -- he can teleport. However, it's not all zipping to and fro and enjoying life, because there's a long and tumultuous war being fought between the others like him, and those who are set on killing them.

If this is your cup of tea, there are three options: the single disc, the double disc, and the Blu-ray edition -- and each has a collection of features. The single-disc release offers a commentary by Doug Liman, writer/producer Simon Kinberg, and producer Lucas Foster, a featurette on adapting the novel, another featurette on the teleporting, and "Previz: Future Concepts." The two-disc adds the following to the mix: two more featurettes, a special on the graphic novel, a digital copy, and a bunch of deleted scenes. Finally, the blu-ray option includes all of the above goodies in that fancy, blu-ray way, plus a PIP called "Jumping Around the World."

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