Love the words or hate them, "chick flicks" are here to stay for the time being, especially because Variety reports that it just became the name of a new production shingle put together by Sara Risher and Stephanie Austin. The pair have a plan to put out two to three films a year, which will be, obviously, aimed at female audiences. They've got $100 million in financing for the next five years, and plan to start announcing the first three films soon.

It seems that this is due to the recent success of a certain female-centric film. Risher said: "With the extraordinary success of Sex and the City, the underserved* market for intelligent, emotional films with relatable female characters has spoken emphatically."

I guess they're reclaiming the term? I mean, "chick flicks" has never had the nicest connotation, so it's not necessarily the name I'd pick for a company interested in intelligent films. Then again, this is obviously an attempt to tap into the market that SatC revealed. If they're looking to make smart films with the same themes, the future films will definitely fit in the "chick flick" realm of women, relationships, and, well, shopping. Here's to hoping they have more planned than that.

*Edited for typo.
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