I have to hand it to Timur Bekmambetov; during the half-hearted viral campaign for Wanted, I bet no one saw that little stunt coming. But, now it's back to more traditional marketing before Wanted opens in a few weeks, and it really was about time we got a look at an R-rated trailer (and not just in Russian either) for the comic-related flick. The domestic R-rated trailer for Bekmambetov's feature film adaptation of Mark Millar's comic book series is now online (courtesy of Apple) and if you caught that Russian version floating around the net, then I'm afraid there isn't much new to report. On the upside, at least now we get to hear the great and dignified Morgan Freeman drop an 'F bomb', and that is always fun.

Wanted is based on Millar's comic book about an insignificant office drone (played by James McAvoy) who is the heir to a team of assassins. Some early glimpses of the film were a bit of a Matrix re-hash, but with each trailer release, my expectations have risen ever so slightly. Thankfully, this new trailer makes it clear the film is going to steer clear of PG-13 sensibilities and will head straight for the blood and guts instead. Even though I've been burned by 'Angelina the action hero' before, I am starting to wonder if this movie could be the dark horse in the box office race this summer. What do you think?

Wanted opens in theaters on June 27th.