It's not that we didn't like the old Cinematical, it's just we thought it was time for the sequel.

We've worked hard here for the past three and a half years bringing you tons of inventive, passionate writing from a bunch of folks who probably watch more movies than they should. We've made many friends, slew many dragons and rescued more princesses than any prince in all the land of New Jersey. It's been rough. We're tired. But we love it. Thus, I'm honored to introduce all of you to the brand new Cinematical! We've made a lot of changes around here, and I suggest you take some time to look over everything.

See the brand new totally awesome Watchmen trailer to the right? Kidding! But over to the right we do have a bunch of headlines, where you'll be able to see what we feel are the hottest and most interesting stories of the day. Above those headlines we have quick links to some of our more lively categories. Over to the right, we also have our new gallery feature where we'll highlight some of the cooler galleries we're currently hosting. (Basically, these are images you want to check out.) Additionally, we have a brand new video box which we'll use to house, well, new trailers, clips, or home videos of Weinberg watching Aliens all giddy and whatnot.

Our coolest new feature has to go to the carousel up there at the top. It rotates automatically, or you can click those orange arrow buttons to advance and back up. Definitely check those out every day as the site's most important features (reviews, interviews, poster premieres, festival coverage, etc) will live inside those boxes. Of course, you have our reviews, interviews and popular categories to the right as well. Oh, and did I mention the new box office window? How cool, right? I swear, it's like the Spider-Man 2 of re-designs!

Anyway, stick around for awhile -- take the tour, make yourself at home. Whaddya think?