I've no idea how I never noticed this during my random searches on IMDb, but there's a new indie film coming out that sounds like it could be a lot of fun; it has a great cast that makes things even better, and there's a contest to win tickets. The film in question is Full Grown Men, and Emerging Pictures' blog has thrown up a contest to win tickets to the film's New York City opening on June 25, with further contests to follow for San Francisco and Miami.

The film stars Matt McGrath (the spurned friend in The Anniversary Party) as a man who acts more like a kid than an adult. When his wife chastises him for being a playmate to his son rather than a father, he grabs his childhood friend (Judah Friedlander) and heads for their favorite theme park in Central Florida, where they're confronted with the incongruities between their past and present. But it's also got some sweet cameos -- Alan Cumming as a "disgruntled ex-theme park employee," Amy Sedaris as "a horny bartending clown," and Debbie Harry as "a delusional mermaid."

As for the contest ... this is all about boys trapped in men's bodies, so you just have to do a little writing. "If you're in love with an overgrown boy, or it's your own inner child that's gone wild -- or if you're just noticing Peter Pandemonium everywhere" you can comment in the EP blog and grab your chance to win. And if you are in NYC, San Fran, or Miami and check it out, let us know what you thought of the movie.