We're soon approaching the three-year anniversary of covering Vin Diesel's eternally forthcoming future-set thriller, Babylon A.D. - on the 24th, baby! - and in perhaps an uncanny move to soothe our patience pains, IGN Movies has delivered the film's first domestic trailer.

The result comes across as The Transporter by way of Children of Men, if Jason Statham and Clive Owen were then replaced by Sir Diesel and some snowmobiles. Sure, it might turn out to be zippy late-summer fun, but moving one's release date from February to August doesn't exactly qualify as a vote of confidence in any respect.

Oh, and as for those rumors that only half of Babylon will make it to the States, CHUD picked up on some counter-rumors that suggest such is not the case. We may not know how legitimate this MySpace source of theirs is, but I struggle to believe that this thing could ever have run 160 minutes, only to lose almost half of that running time in select territories. In fact, I'm fairly certain that, to some medical professionals, behavior like that qualifies as an 'episode' of some sort.

Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, Babylon A.D. opens on August 29th, opposite Disaster Movie and College, which are bound to be 'episodes' in their own right.