Robert Downey Jr. as Hugh Hefner. The idea sounded both strange and wonderful last month when Erik posted that Hef was hoping the Iron Man star would play him. At the time, he was pursuing Robert Downey Jr., and Brett Ratner had reportedly left the project. Now, according to an interview with Coming Soon, it looks like Ratner is still involved (eh), and Downey Jr. is one step closer to taking on the role (yay!).

Hefner told the site: "Our conversations with Robert were in the months immediately before Iron Man. He called immediately after Iron Man and asked: 'When were we going to do the movie?'" I'm hoping this means that he's itching to do this, and wasn't just curious about scheduling. Should Downey Jr. officially sign on for the role, he'll get to delight in the world of Hugh from the '50s to the mid-'70s, when Hefner built his large Playboy empire (rather than the epic, original plan to tackle all 82 years of the man's life). So basically, it will be Tony Stark in pajamas, with a career that involves naked women and publishing rather than iron and technology.
Should all go according to plan, the script will be finished soon, and production will begin later this year.

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