We knew it was coming, but now they're getting serious -- debuting a brand new Robocop teaser poster at the Licensing International Expo, which also brought us aTerminator Salvation poster and tons of Half-Blood Prince goodies. Of course, Robocop hasn't been cast yet, and so that's not some mysterious A-list actor hiding underneath the helmet. It's just a teaser ... and in this day and age, teasers come well before films even go into production.

I'm actually one of those who think a Robocop remake could look cool if done right, and with the popularity of Iron Man now at an all-time high, I could see MGM and the Robocop filmmakers taking notes before heading in a comic book-esque direction with the character and the eventual movie. The poster itself is totally retro, and I dig that about it, so I guess we'll see.

Is Robocop the kind of remake you'd get behind?

[via The Movie Blog]