The internet has been abuzz yesterday and today with tidbits uncovered at this week's New York Licensing Expo -- like these Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince promos, for example. I have to say, though, that MTV has come up with the neatest find. First, the folks over there found some Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins promotional art that looks suspiciously like a teaser poster for the new film, complete with the slightly clunky tagline "Becoming Self-Aware Memorial Day 2009." (Didn't SkyNet actually become self-aware at the end of Rise of the Machines? I digress.) Take a look here. Second, they learned that the "teaser trailer and initial one-sheet" are "targeted for a July 18th release date tied with The Dark Knight."

Uh, so there. By the way -- this may be a dereliction of blogger duty, but I decided to ignore the crazy spoiler rumors about Terminator Salvation that were all the rage last week, until being cryptically debunked by director McG. So no one repost those here, please.

The movie is in principal photography now, with McG updating a production blog on the official website. I'm trying hard to stay geeked for it despite McG and the potential PG-13 rating. At least the cast is great. Right?