The Hulk is, arguably, one of the most recognizable comic book characters in the world. But most people have encountered him largely through the popular television show, which was remarkably different than the comic book version. If you find yourself curious to know a little more about the plight of Dr. Bruce Banner, or even just hankering for a bigger dose of Hulk than Edward Norton can provide, here's a treat for you.

Our good friends over at ComicMix have been hard at work, and done it again. They have compiled a list of ten essential stories to bring you up to speed on the Hulk -- from Banner finally realizing his childhood traumas, to the gentle gray Hulk, to Hulk becoming a gladiator on another world. I am not the biggest Hulk fan, but this is a collection that really showcases what an enjoyable character he can be in the right hands. He isn't all "Hulk Smash!" in every single issue.

And if you're dying for an eleventh, pick up Wolverine #8-9, and read the story where Hulk shows up in Madripoor as Joe Fixit. As I've mentioned previously, it still cracks me up. And Wolverine introducing himself to Fixit, only to see the entire bar clear out in anticipation of a fight, is just a nice little cinematic moment.

Enjoy! Tell those ComicMix guys that Cinematical sent you. And remember to come back and tell us which stories you think are essential. The Incredible Hulk is probably going to garner a sequel, so we might as well start tossing the ideas back and forth.