For my money, the scariest butcher in horror film history was Leatherface in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. His brute force, his sharp-edged implements, his bloody apron, even his height, combined to make Gunnar Hansen a frightening, lethal monster. Of course, any profession in which a practitioner is expected to slice up meat makes an irresistible subject for a horror movie, and many flicks have featured meatcutters as mad villains.

The latest example is an independent production from South Korea that will be screening next week at the always reliable New York Asian Film Festival. Directed by newcomer Kim Jin-Won, The Butcherputs a pig mask on the titular character. "A team of snuff film producers are discussing their gruesome handiwork," according to the festival's program notes, "torturing their captives to death, one by one, and selling the tapes overseas to foreign audiences hungry for footage of Koreans murdering one another. " It's told entirely from the point of view of two video cameras, one for the hapless victims and one for the perpetrators.

So we've got torture porn crossed with a shaky cam aesthetic. What's not to love? Fangoria got the tip on a teaser trailer (NSFW, unless you're a sadistic butcher). Rodney at Twitchposted a review and says that The Butcher boils "horror conventions down to a raw, wet core ... using the agility of video to furiously rub the audience's face in it. " You have been officially warned.
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