I think there was some illegal weed indulgence during the development of the plot for a new thriller called Burning Bright. The film focuses on, get this: "a woman who wakes in the midst of a hurricane to find a tiger roaming through her home. With her stepfather nowhere to be found, she is forced to drag her autistic young brother through the house in a desperate attempt at survival." All I can imagine is that someone wanted to set a thriller in a house, and then tried to think of as many wild and random challenges as they could -- a hurricane! An autistic brother! Wait ... a LION!

What girl could possibly deal with such hurricane-encased home tribulations? The Hollywood Reporter posts that it is none other than Briana Evigan (Step Up 2: The Streets). Younger readers will recognize the name from her recent work, but some of you out there are probably old enough to remember her Dad's work. THR mentions Greg Evigan's stint on BJ and the Bear, but we mustn't forget My Two Dads.

I wonder: Will this be a serious thriller, a film that should be ignored, or a modern, cheesy classic in the vein of films like Return of the Killer Tomatoes?
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