Anyone else find it a little bit weird that we've seen movies based on Bewitched, The Brady Bunch, and The Beverly Hillbillies ... but not I Dream of Jeannie? (And frankly I'm a little amazed that there's been no Gilligan's Island movie by this point. Or three.) Well, there's a reason for that, but first we have some fantastic news for the die-hard Jeannie fans: The producers finally have a screenplay pitch they like! That's so great, because I don't know how much longer I could survive without a Jeannie movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Sid Ganis is crazy about the latest pitch, which comes from Mulan writer Rita Hsiao. (She also did some polishing on Enchanted and 13 Going on 30, so clearly she digs the chick flicks.) Mr. Ganis wants the loyal fans to know that "she has a terrific, bright, fresh approach to Jeannie's story, with a twist and turn along the way." The producer notes that the Jeannie movie will take place in modern times, and also that Ms. Hsiao's script was so accurate ... it felt like she'd actually lived with Samantha, Tabitha, and good ol' Derwood Jeannie, Tony Nelson, and Dr. Bellows. Wow!

And why has it taken so long for the Jeannie flick to hit the silver screen? Mr. Ganis says "This is such a beloved and iconic character that it has to be told the right way ... You have a loyalty to the character that has to exist, and sometimes it takes time to get there." Dude. It's a '60s sitcom. About an astronaut and a half-dressed lady genie. Get over it. But if they are going to make this flick (and they are), who would you cast as Jeannie? (Fingers crossed on Scarlett Johansson.)
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