It looks like that collaboration between Jack Black and Todd Phillips won't be happening after all. Black pulled out of Phillips' Man-Witch, reportedly due to doubts about the director's commitment to make the supernatural comedy his next project. The film -- about a man who discovers he's a witch and enrolls in an all-female witch school -- is still in active development, with Phillips and his team looking for an actor to replace Black.

The other movie Phillips is mulling is the much more amusing-sounding Hangover, about a trio of guys who wake up after a rowdy Vegas bachelor party to discover that they've misplaced the groom. That could be legitimately funny with the right cast and a decent script -- though the fact that the writers are the guys behind the Martin Lawrence basketball "comedy" Rebound isn't too promising. Anyway, maybe losing Black will push Phillips toward doing Hangover first.

Meanwhile, all has mostly been quiet on the possibility of a sequel to Old School, the frat-house romp that rocketed Todd Phillips to the A-list. Though not the biggest Old School fan, I feel like that would be a more productive use of his time than what sounds like a half-baked Harry Potter parody -- especially after the relative anonymity of his last effort, School for Scoundrels.
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