Like his Run Lola Run co-star Franka Potente, Moritz Bleibtreu's post-Lola career has been a mixture of foreign fare with a smattering of high-profile roles. In Moritz's case, you might have spotted him in Munich, The Walker, or most recently, Speed Racer. Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that he is teaming up with Fatih Akin for their third film together. This time, it's for an unspecified lead role in the director's next project, Soul Kitchen.

A bit lighter than Akin's last film, the very highly praised triumph -- The Edge of Heaven, Kitchen focuses on a restaurant owner, played by Adam Bousdoukos, "whose life has entered a rough patch." It's not a very descriptive summary, but considering Akin's talents, I imagine that it will be pretty decent no matter what the details are. Birol Unel, who was in Akin's Head-On, has picked up a role as well.

The comedy will start production in Hamburg this October.

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