When Elisabeth Rappe brought us the teaser poster for Punisher: War Zone a couple of weeks back, she correctly supposed that the teaser trailer might be attached to this weekend's Marvel property, The Incredible Hulk.

IGN Movies has the exclusive trailer, and it's all bangs and booms as vengeance-minded Frank Castle - played by Ray Stevenson of 'Rome', in place of Thomas Jane - wreaks more havoc on the criminal and corrupt.

I can't speak for fans of the comic, but I'm really not sure how many of them wanted to see a sequel to the 2004 actioner (which, mind you, barely broke even at the box office), and how many will actually turn out for one sorely lacking in Jane, not to mention the article 'The'. And whether or not it's better left swept under the rug, it's always hard to ignore various signs of a troubledproduction.

Good, bad, loud or in between, Punisher: War Zone is scheduled to open on December 5. Maybe it's looking to rake in all the fanboy bucks that Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem and Hitman managed around last year's holiday season...