In the one corner, there's Donnie Wahlberg, a man who worked hard to get past his New Kids on the Block roots, only to rejoin his pushing-40s co-singers this year in a ridiculous display of older guys doing things better left in the past. In the other corner is brother Mark. These days, he's Mark Wahlberg, a successful actor, but before, he was the good, vibrating Marky Mark. But -- hallelujah! He's not going to be ripping off his shirt and rapping away.

MTV talked with the actor about Donnie's reunion with NKOTB, and then popped the inevitable question: Would he ever reunite with the Funky Bunch?

"Not a f**king chance."

Sorry, Marky Mark fans. You'll have to get your good vibrations by watching the above clip and reminiscing. Come on, come on, come on!

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