While I've neither seen Showgirlsnor I Know Who Killed Me, I imagine the latter of the two stripper movies is not destined to be the same sort of camp classic as is the former. From what I gathered from the reviews and audience response, IKWKM is just plain bad -- not funny bad or entertaining bad or any other kind of bad that would be of interest to viewers of any kind. Nevertheless, the cable channel Starz is promoting its pay TV premiere of the Lindsay Lohan movie as something of a not-to-be-missed phenomenon of trash.

The ad, viewable in full over at Defamer, celebrates the movie's eight Razzie Award wins, particularly its esteem of being named Worst Picture and having Lohan named Worst Actress (Twice). Also included are quotes from negative reviews from Variety, eFilmCritic, Flick Filosopher, Quad City Times and the New York Daily News. Of course, the blurbs kind of say that IKWKM needs to be seen to be believed, which makes it sound like the movie is indeed entertaining bad. The eFilmCritic review (from Peter Sobczynski) even flat out claims the movie may be entertaining under the right circumstances.

Two things the ad misses, though, are the fact that the movie's eight Razzies was a record amount and the Rotten Tomatoes score of 8%. The former would aid in its cult-hopeful celebration, while the latter would put those reviews in more honest context. Also, as Stu at Defamer brilliantly points out, considering all of Starz Entertainment's many channels, the movie would be better suited for a new channel to be called "Flopz."

I Know Who Killed Me airs on Starz this Saturday, June 14, at 9pm.