The first trailer for Paul "The Other" Anderson's Death Race (loose) remake has arrived online over at Yahoo, and it feels like a mix between the video game Twisted Metal and The Running Man.Jason Statham stars as a prison inmate who's recruited by the warden (Joan Allen) to drive in a, well, death race where, if he wins, he gains his freedom. Throw in a bunch of seedy side characters (played by folks like Ian McShane and Tyrese Gibson) and you get what looks to be a decent late-summer action flick that's like the Mad Max version of The Fast and the Furious ... or something like that. Seriously, though, they should've just called this one Twisted Metal and adapted the popular video game -- then at least we would've gotten that freaky clown truck thingy. Oh well.

Death Race crashes into theaters on August 22. What do you think of the trailer?