"Winnipeg... Winnipeg... Winnipeg... Snowing, sleepwalking Winnipeg..." When Guy Maddin's My Winnipeg premiered at TIFF, you got a review, then came the exclusive and awesome poster, and then the trailer. Now Cinematical is happy to share the exclusive clip above. If you remember the picture attached to the review, well, this is more of the same -- those knights on a great white chessboard. Or, to be more specific, the frozen-in-the-lake horse heads after the fire of Whittier Park. It's strange, unsettling, and weirdly funny.

A "docu-fantasia" goodbye letter, My Winnipeg is a pseudo documentary where real facts about Winnipeg are intermingled with Guy Maddin's vision of his past, as the fictional Guy, played by Darcy Fehr, heads out of town. Dead dads under rugs, a Golden Boy pageant scandal, sleepwalkers, demolition, a strange and eerie mother played by Ann Savage -- all are present in My Winnipeg, and all of it is damned funny.

The film is now playing in theaters.