If it wasn't for Commander in Chief, I would've assumed that Geena Davis had been sucked into a vortex of family fare from which she could not escape --or more specifically, a Stuart Little vortex. She's hung out with nothing other than the talking mouse on the big screen since 1996's The Long Kiss Goodnight. But now she's got a new feature on the way, and even better -- it's a dark, indie comedy being helmed by first-timer Andrew Lancaster.

Variety reports that she's toplining Accidents Happen, and Joel Tobeck, Sebastian Gregory, Sarah Woods, Rebecca Massey, and Erik Thomson have signed on for roles in the project, which has just started shooting. The partially autobiographical story, written by Brian Carbee, focuses on a a 15-year-old accident-prone kid who causes "an almighty crash with a bowling ball and a moving car" when he hangs out with his best friend. This accident somehow results in the kid having to face his family's history.

Hopefully this is the start of more quality fare for the actress, because family films are sweet and all, but they're no Tootsie, or The Fly, or Beetlejuice, or Thelma & Louise.
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