Remember that conversation in Chasing Amy between Alyssa and Banky? "So for you, to f--k means to penetrate. You're used to the more traditional definition. You, inside some girl you duped, jackhammering away, not noticing the bored look in her eyes." "Hey, I always notice that bored look in her eyes." Methinks Banky might have benefited from this new indie flick on the way, from Scott Culver, called How to Make Love to a Woman (written by Dennis Kao).

With the help of Jenna Jameson, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Josh Meyers, Krysten Ritter, Ian Somerhalder, Eugene Byrd, and Lindsay Richards will learn a little of that lovin' style. The film will focus on Meyers, who plays a "music executive with no idea how to satisfy his girlfriend (Ritter)." He goes to his musician friends for advice (bands like Red Jumpsuit and Hellogoodbye appear in the film), and somehow is lucky enough to get advice from Jameson as well, but there's a problem in all this: his girlfriend's hot, childhood friend (Somerhalder) pops up. Byrd, meanwhile, will play Meyers' best friend.

Now the question becomes: Will the film just be funny, or will the real-life, unsatisfying lovers learn a thing or two?
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