Yes, really. The 1983 sex comedy that a whole generation of guys have "seen" more than a dozen times is getting a remake treatment from filmmaker Mark Altman. To those who don't remember the flick -- and those who only watched certain parts -- My Tutor is about ... hell, it's all right there in the title: A high-school kid has a fling with his sexy tutor. Surely this concept warrants a second film.

The original flick starred Matt Lattanzi, Kevin McCarthy, Crispin Glover and the adorable Caren Kaye as My Tutor. (Well, not mine, unfortunately, but you get the point.) Variety says casting has not begun on the new version, which will begin shooting in October. This remake will mark the first production from Atlman's Maltman Entertainment -- although horror fans will remember the guy from movies like House of the Dead, All Souls Day, and Room 6.

And if this project marks the beginning of a new trend -- the 1980s sex comedy remake -- then here are a few obvious suggestions: Private School, Private Lessons, Private Resort, Hardbodies (1 & 2), Spring Break, Fraternity Vacation, Losin' It, My Chauffeur, Joysticks, Zapped!, Class, Hot Dog: The Movie, Hamburger: The Motion Picture, Loose Screws, Screwballs, and The Joy of Sex. Get back to me once those remakes are in production; I've got about two dozen more.
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