Cinematical is often mentioned in a lot of places; on a lot of different sites, in movie advertisements, on DVD boxes and in trailers. But one place we've never been mentioned (I don't think) is Vanity Fair. Thus, we thought you'd be interested to know that VF has listed Cinematical in its Blogopticon, as one of "the most influential or amusing blogs about politics, gossip, Hollywood, media, and miscellany ..." It's pretty cool stuff, and we're joined by our fellow film fanatic friends over at Slashfilm and AICN. Yay!

When I sent this around to the team earlier, my favorite response came from Cinematical's James Rocchi, who said: "I've always wanted to have something I've been a part of mentioned in Vanity Fair; until this week, I thought it was going to be my planned string of cat burglaries in Monaco, or my probable death at the hands of the new Russian Oil Oligarchs. This is way better, and congratulations to all."

Indeed, sir. Congrats to all -- especially you, our readers, because we wouldn't be anywhere without your continued support, wisdom, humor, feedback and, of course, love.