Have you heard about the new action movie from a 7-foot tall Australian wrestling strongman turned actor? Me neither, until I read Wise Kwai's Thai Film Journal and learned about Somtum, starring Nathan Jones. I don't recall Jones (AKA Megaman, AKA Colossus) from his small role in Troy, but I did notice him squaring off against Asian action heroes Jet Li (Fearless) and Tony Jaa (The Protector); he was a frightening, if briefly-seen, nemesis in both those movies.

Jones gets to play the good guy in Somtum. His character, Barney Rubble Emerald, is a down on his luck gentle giant when he crosses paths with two young women: Katen (Narawat Techarattanaprasert), an orphaned street hustler, and Dokya (Sasisa Jindamanee), a tiny Muay Thai fighting chick. Dokya's mother sells somtum, a spicy, chili-fueled papaya salad, and when Barney naively eats too much at once, it drives him temporarily insane and he tears apart the food stand. To atone for his sins, he learns Muay Thai and becomes an underground fighter. He gets mixed up with crazed foreigners and stolen diamonds.

Wise Kwai says somtum, the food, is a spicy treat best shared with friends, "and Somtum, the movie, is a lot of fun, too. And, yes, you should see it with friends, and marvel at this action-packed, oftentimes silly, but also very sweet tale." The great Panna Rittikrai choreographed the action. Until a DVD appears somewhere, check out the trailer, which looks hella fun.