For a while, I've been torn on this whole Amelia Earhart biopic. On the one hand, I have always wanted to learn more about her. On the other, we're finally getting a biopic and it's a frickin' romance -- something that seems really silly considering how much of a tough, femininity-defiant female icon she is. And then to top it all off, there are some ridiculous costumes in the mix. But then Elisabeth posted that there would be some Gene Vidal in the film (father to Gore, and played by Ewan McGregor), and now, the ever-wonderful Christopher Eccleston.

reports that he has signed onto Amelia to play Earhart's flight navigator, Fred Noonan. This is the man who was with Amelia when she tried to fly around the world and her plane disappeared in the Pacific. After a teasingly short stint as the Doctor, and an even-shorter invisible trip to Heroes territory, it's nice to see Eccleston give us more roles. Heck, I'm planning to see G.I. Joe just so I can watch him play Destro. Fie to these films that sign on so many great actors to the cast that I can't not check it out.
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