When it comes to fantasy, I'm all for putting the unexplainable in otherwise 'normal' situations -- I could go on and on about the work of Neil Gaiman for this very reason -- so you can probably understand why I'm already sold on WB's latest acquisition. Variety reports that Warner Bros. has purchased a yet to be titled fantasy pitch about a mystical world hiding out in the middle of Central Park -- although, when it comes to urban fantasy, it's going to be tough to top The Earl's Court.

The untitled story would center on "two brothers who, while visiting their grandfather in Gotham, meet a man who shows them a mystical realm in Central Park that is in danger." The original idea came from Warner Senior VP, Joe Berg, and Bryan Schulz and Neil Uliano have already been tapped to write the script. Schulz and Uliano are relative newcomers to the business, but, the two seem to have a knack for fantasy as this marks the duos second sale in the last six months (the two also sold another fantasy spec-script called Imaginary Friends to Dreamworks back in March).

WB has been hard at work building an impressive fantasy slate for the next few years. Obviously, The Hobbit and the latest installment of Harry Potter are at the top of their list of priorities -- but it couldn't hurt to have another shot at those box-office dollars.
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