Now in its 11th year, the CineVegas Film Festival is still trying to establish its identity in the festival world. Should it be glitzy and glamorous (and gaudy and tacky) like Vegas? Or should it be a champion of up-and-coming indie films with no stars and no Hollywood connections? Either way, CineVegas has already settled on one point: Its parties are every bit as dazzling and boozy -- and numerous -- as you'd expect from a Las Vegas-based fest.

Cast in point: Friday night's official 10th anniversary party, held poolside on the roof of one of the Palms Resort Casino's buildings. The DJ-facilitated music was thumpin', the bars were giving out complimentary vodka drinks courtesy of sponsor Grey Goose (they stopped just short of filling the pool with the stuff), and there were plenty of tasty snacks and desserts. Everyone was there, including the film critics and reporters (who tended to be under-dressed), the filmmakers, and the CineVegas pass-holders (who tended to be over-dressed, which is the general rule in Vegas).

And you know who else was there? Britney Spears.

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