Here are some horrorific casting bites, courtesy of Variety:

Have you ever adored a man from just one role, even if you haven't/don't see him in much else? That's me and William Sadler, whose name always catapults me back to Friday the 13th, 1995 when Demon Knight opened in theaters, and his Brayker took on Billy Zane's The Collector. Now the actor is teaming up with Sophie Monk for a new slasher movie called The Hills Run Red, which is filming in Bulgaria. The film focuses on a movie fan who is obsessed with finding a full print of a slasher movie, finds himself in the woods where the film was shot, and then realizes that the filming never ended. Dum, dum, dum.

Also, further cast have signed on for the dreaded sequel -- S. Darko. Now, if you pop over to Variety, don't get excited thinking Paige Davis has signed on. While her picture is currently attached to the post (as of 11 AM), it's actually Matt Davis, who played Reese Witherspoon's snooty boyfriend in Legally Blonde, who has signed onto the film with James Lafferty (One Tree Hill). Sorry, Trading Spaces fans. Meanwhile, Briana Evigan defended the film on Friday, but even with her glowing recommendation, I still think this sequel is one of the dumbest movie moves in a while.
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