We're still waiting for the evil science fair that is Igor, but now we've got more science fare to wait for. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Disney has picked up John Sullivan's family adventure spec called Science Fair for $275,000 against $575,000.

This tale mixes a bit of Night at the Museum with the realms of mini, scientific creations by focusing on a science fair where the myriad of projects come to life. Volcanos, static electricity, meteorological phenomenon, solar flares ... there are a million different ways this could go.

The idea sounds funky, but I'm even more sold by Sullivan's rationale about it all: "I grew up on stuff like Explorers and Goonies and Weird Science. I really wanted to explore something that was more family-friendly and something that I would actually like to go see myself if I was 12-16. There's a lot of wish fulfillment in that. Movies like this are just fun to write." If he's pulled off some of that old-school feel in his script, this could be great, and as a fan of Goonies, I can only hope that there's some Data flavor in there.
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