If you were one of the folks who weren't too impressed by the sight of the new KITT for the television remake of Knight Rider, you can now bid on one of the original Knight Rider cars over at eBay. (There are a ton of pics in the link for potential bidders to check out how well it has held up, and how it looks inside.) For fans, this is all sorts of good news, but man, the reason this car is up for auction is completely messed up.

Over at The Bad and Ugly, they run down what happened to get this car listed on eBay. The car was bought for $69,000 in May of 2005 by a businessman named Andrew Kissel. However, he had increasing legal issues due to some document forging and bogus loans, so he was never able to pick it up. The man was then found murdered in his house before starting his prison sentence. But that's not all -- it seems that his brother also met a terrible fate when he drank a milkshake poisoned by his wife.

Since the car never ended up in the hands of Kissel, hopefully it won't have the same bad karma. (It's not like we're talking about James Dean's cursed ride.) Me, I'd like to see Glen A. Larsen pick it up and use it in his upcoming Knight Rider feature, even if it is a bit old-school.
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