"There's a lot of talk about my ass."
-- Steve Carell on becoming an action star in Get Smart.

What does Jethro Tull have to do with the most embarrassing moment in Steve Carell's life? Which question is Anne Hathaway sick and tired of being asked ... and does it involve a princess? Find out the answers to those questions and much, much more on another fabulous installment of Moviefone's Unscripted series -- where stars interview each other using your questions (left right here on this very blog) as well as some of their own. Of course, Carell and Hathaway are featured this week because, well, they have a little film called Get Smart hitting theaters this Friday, June 20.

Above you can check out a bonus clip from their Unscripted chat that can only be accessed here on Cinematical. In it, the two discuss the difficulties of being away from family (specifically Carell's young children) when shooting a film. When you're done, feel free to skip on over to Moviefone and watch the whole damn thing. With Carell, you know you're in for more than a few laughs ... and Hathaway is just so damn cute. (New secret movie crush! Shhhh!) Oh, and Cinematical already has a nice, positive review up of Get Smartover here for additional reading entertainment, as well as a Get Smart-related Insert Caption game where we're giving away all sorts of nifty prizes. Enjoy.