I always thought those Fight Club public service announcements were all kinds of awesome -- Ed Norton talking about proper movie etiquette, and the fact that no one has the right to touch us in our bathing suit area, and Brad Pitt discussing the emergency exits and drinking your own urine. Whenever the real movie theater announcements would pop up, I'd wish it was the Ed and Brad versions instead.

But oh, the above clip completely beats the other two. Apparently this has made the rounds before, but I've never heard of it, so in case you haven't either, check out the song above. However, be warned: This is a song about penises, so if you don't want to hear Brad Pitt and Ed Norton singing about them at work, don't click! But it would be such a waste, because it's flipping brilliant. It's definitely the best twist on words that I've heard in a while. (Check out the lyrics after the jump ...)