We've been warned about global warming. The weather is a-changing. The polar icecaps will melt away. The world as we know it will change forever. But maybe it's not for the reasons we think ... We've got a new cautionary environmental tale on the way, but this time, it's in the realms of thriller territory. The Thaw is coming -- where the melting of the polar ice caps releases something creepy.

And now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Aaron Ashmore has signed on for a gig in the film, which is already starring Martha MacIsaac and Val Kilmer. If you've watched Veronica Mars, you'll remember Aaron as the seemingly nice O-niner Troy Vandergraff, whose secrets made Veronica none too happy. (Or Jimmy Olsen, if you're a Smallville fan.) Now he's playing a college student who is part of an Arctic research crew besieged by a killer parasite that has come from the depths of the polar ice caps.

This ditty comes from the team behind Ill Fated, Michael Lewis and Mark A. Lewis, with the latter directing the feature. Production begins in Vancouver today.
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