I can't bring myself to type that headline; I'm sorry. First of all, every other movie website has used it already, and it wasn't that clever to begin with. Second, it's not really true: The Incredible Hulk did have a solid $54.5 million first-place finish, but it was The Happening -- which Hulk is supposed to have "smashed" -- that really exceeded expectations, cheerfully sitting in third place with $30.5 million. That's M. Night Shyamalan's third-best opening weekend ever, and the equivalent of the director holding up a sign reading "Not Dead Yet." If the annoyed groans I heard when the credits rolled at my opening night showing are any indication, word-of-mouth won't be good, so I wouldn't expect the film to approach the $100 million mark.

The opening for The Incredible Hulk is about right. Ang Lee's "artsy" Hulk opened to $62 million back in 2003, and maybe the "reboot" is to blame for the Hulk-to-Hulk decrease. But by all accounts, this version should be more appealing to the masses, and so should do well in the weeks ahead. In other news, Iron Man should cross the $300 million mark in the next few days, ahead of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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