The Teeth poster that Erik shared earlier today might have been too risque, but how about an obvious phallic joke? Yesterday, MTV released a poster for Sex Drive, and subtle it ain't. To the right you can see the graphic for the poster (which you can view in its entirety over at MTV). A full-mast sex drive that's coming soon? At the very least, this should be a very good indication of what sort of humor you can expect from the film.

Speaking of, the flick focuses on a kid who meets a girl online, one who sends him the eloquent message: "U Drive All the Way Here 4 Me ... I'll Go All the Way with U." So, of course, the kid hits the road with his friends to do all the things that this poster implies. I sure hope he got other messages to convince him. At the very least, some sort of: "Are you U sure?" "U bet!"

Josh Zuckerman stars as the deluded teen, and is joined by the likes of Amanda Crew, Clark Duke, James Marsden, and Seth Green as an Amish dude.