Last weekend, Baltimore hosted Honfest. "Hon," short for "honey," refers to those women, often seen in the world of John Waters and '60s kitsch, who sport audacious pieces of style like beehive hairdos, spandex, cat's-eye glasses, bright-blue eyeshadow, leopard print, and pearls. But, like many small niches that start out as celebrations of alternative culture, the festival has become a huge deal where non-hons don their best impressions of retro kitsch-wear.

As the Baltimore Sun notes, not everyone is digging the increasing popularity -- especially John Waters, who says he's leaving the world of hon behind: "To me, it's used up," Waters said of the Hon. "It's condescending now. The people that celebrate it are not from it. I feel that in some weird way they're looking slightly down on it. I only celebrate something I can look up to."

Funny, that's just what I would say about the new Hairspray. It was popular and successful, and I love some of the people involved (Christopher Walken, Michelle Pfieffer, Allison Janney), but the re-do was like Hollywood Halloween -- people trying out "weirdness" for kicks.

Methinks it's time for Waters to reclaim the wonders of transgressive art!
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