I fear this may be another weak installment, due to external suffering. As I mentioned in last Tuesday's column, this past weekend was the start of our Renaissance Faire. It is a punishing affair here in Colorado due to our heat and elevation, and there were many moments where I wished I was watching The Incredible Hulk instead of hiking mountainous terrain in a very small corset. And I didn't even particularly want to see Hulk, but felt compelled. After all, my job here is to write about movies, and every week I am given a platform to chatter about geeky topics. The Incredible Hulk is like a midterm exam for me, a requirement to keep my geek credibility. And that became a perfect subject for this week's column.

Oh, geek cred! Speak it aloud and it vanishes, it is so fragile. My geek cred is, at the moment, more valuable than my college degree. I am delighted when someone salutes it. (By the way, thanks again Rick Marshall.) Few people will ever care whether I remember the events leading to the 100 Years War, but my entire online life could unravel if I don't go see The Incredible Hulk. You don't know how I live in terror that, someday, I will be asked something Green Arrow related and not know the answer. My reputation will be in tatters. I had a chill of this earlier, when I Googled Cowboys and Aliens and discovered everyone had read it but me. (Which is easy – the entire thing is available online. I am horrified I missed even that.).
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