"In a way, there's no original ideas -- it's just the ideas that you caught." -- David Lynch

I think I could seriously listen to David Lynch talk for hours. It's not that I always understand what he's talking about -- or want to understand what he's talking about -- it's just that I love his passion, the way he carries himself and his commitment to being the kind of artist he wants to be, on his terms. Sure, he always seems to be playing in a sandbox on some distant planet, but I gather that's because there's a constant creativity party going on inside his head. In the video posted above (courtesy of TheAtlantic.com), Lynch talks about ideas -- where they come from, how to catch them, how to use them to create and so on and so forth.

One interesting point he touches upon is how some artists feel suffering is necessary in "order to make it real through their own experiences." Lynch points out that, "in reality, the artist doesn't have to suffer to show suffering -- they just need to understand the suffering. Any kind of suffering cramps the flow of creativity." Lynch points to the painter Vincent Van Gogh as an example, saying his paintings were beautiful and memorable not because he suffered in life, but because of his talent and love for the craft.

Watch Lynch explain it in the ways only he can ... and, who knows, maybe this video will help spark an idea in you.